Private Studio

YHH Studio Statue and CrystalsYHH Garden BuddhaThe Studio caters to a small number of students (up to 12), which allows for more personalised attention and an intimate nurturing environment. It was built by Susie’s husband, Quinn, who also shares a passion for yoga.

From the very beginning Susie and Quinn were mindful of creating a space that radiated good energy. Sand from a mandala that had been blessed by Tibetan monks has been buried within the foundations to create a sacred base for the studio. Chakra crystals were then laid in a grid under the floorboards to promote a positive and balanced energy within the space.

Where possible, recycled and environmentally considerate materials were used in construction.

Yoga Health and Healing Private Studio

The studio is also surrounded by a beautiful garden where class members often sit and share refreshments after practice. In terms of practice, the space is temperature moderated and fully stocked with all equipment required for practice.YHH Garden Side